Our Founders

While eating Tennessee BBQ at a music conference in Nashville, Robby Valderrama and Scott Steers realized their new friendship just might be the start of something big.

Robby's thought leadership on music, church ministry, and finance had established him as a braintrust for the global church. Scott's marketing firm and nationwide ministry network had earned him credibility across industries, generations, and denominations. But would there be synergy?

Over the next few months, leader after leader asked Robby and Scott to provide resources and advice on topics like church management, social enterprises, multicultural issues, and many more topics. It is for these forward-thinking Christian leaders that The Church Ahead was born.

Our Team
Robby Valderrama, Co-Founder

robby@thechurchahead.com | 615-538-8778 *3


Personal Mentorship, Systemic Change Models, Social Enterprise, Church Resource Management, Cultural Coaching, Business Planning



Robby's passions are three-fold: music, church ministry, and finance. Musically, his multicultural arrangements reveal Celtic and Jazz influence, and he has led worship around the globe with his wife Bria Jean. Ministry-wise, his relational leadership has earned him speaking invitations at events everywhere from rural churches to AT&T Park. Financially, in his role as a Founding Partner for two Christian ethical investing firms, his business has taken him across the US, including Hawaii, Silicon Valley, and the New York Stock Exchange. He lives in Franklin, TN with Bria Jean and their two daughters and hosts the Praise Hands Podcast. 

Scott Steers, Co-Founder

scott@thechurchahead.com | 615-538-8778 *2


Personal Mentorship, Service Planning, Systems Development, Staff Development, Marketing, Worship Music Planning,


Scott Steers is serial entrepreneur who loves Jesus and the Church. As the President of New Edge Apps, he has worked with businesses of all sizes to design and execute full-scale digital and physical marketing campaigns. As the Founder of Guestworship.com, he has connected thousands of worship leaders and churches across the United States, and maintains meaningful mentoring relationships with many of the leaders his organization serves. He and his wife Suzanna live in Crofton, MD where he enjoys coaching his daughter's softball team.

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