Get $10,000 a month in Free Google Advertising!

By now, a company like Google doesn’t need an introduction. Their growing suite of apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Classroom have changed the way that large and small companies around the world manage data and workflows.

The ads hosted in their search results have created the potential to create substantial growth for organizations in any industry.


Through the Google For Nonprofits program, you and your church or non-profit organization can gain access to thousands of dollars worth of ads and apps... for free! These services can be complicated to set up, and time-consuming to maintain, and that’s where we come in.


The Church Ahead can help you run free Google Ads to find new church members and assist with the following optional add-ons:


  • Maximize your online presence through Google Maps and Google My Business

  • Move all your emails to Gmail (and keep your church email address)

  • Gain access to tons of storage on Google Drive

  • Configure a YouTube Premium account for your church

  • Connect to Google Analytics for more powerful insights on who your organization is touching

  • And more!


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