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April 2, 2019

Dear Friends,

This is a letter of reference for Scott Steers, Co-founder of The Church Ahead. I have known Scott for a little over two years and he has helped Bethany out in a number of ways. When our volunteer worship leader stepped down two years ago we knew it would mean big changes. He had been leading for about twenty years and we had a lot of bad habits. In addition, our band was getting older, using less contemporary music, and had not kept up with technology.

During our transition, Scott provided us with musicians to fill in and guest worship leaders who began modeling for our leaders what good worship leadership looked like. We had one particularly gifted worship leader come and lead a Saturday workshop that helped push our praise band in the right direction and set a new tone.

We came to realize we needed more than that. So, we set up a six month plan of coaching with Scott to end with the hire of a worship leader. Scott came to practice every Wednesday. He coached musicians, worship leaders, helped them to develop a new system for calendaring, walked them into new software, helped recruit six new people, and moved us to take our ministry up a notch.

In addition he worked with me and our HR committee (the SPRC) to develop a job description, advertise, screen, and help in the hiring process. We just brought on a young gifted leader who we think will do amazing things for our music and creative arts ministry.

There is more to say than all of this, and if I can assist in sharing that information or answering questions you are free to call me. I whole-heartedly recommend Scott and his ministry to meet any or all of the needs of your music ministry.

Andrew Cooney

Sr. Pastor, Bethany UMC

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